Happy Harnesses


It’s important that you take the time to introduce your puppy to their harness properly. Don’t rush into putting it on as this could cause your puppy to become frightened and try to avoid you when you reach for the harness. 

Instead, you need to go at your puppy’s pace.

Start by laying the harness on the floor and feeding your puppy treats around it.

Next you can begin to lure your puppy so they put their head into the harness. Continuously feed them throughout. If your puppy chooses to move away at any point, don’t continue to bring the harness closer. Let them choose when they are ready to come back. Giving them the choice will help to build their confidence and avoid overwhelming them. 

Once your puppy has their head in the harness, sprinkle treats to the floor and whilst they are eating, finish putting the harness on.

When your puppy has their harness on, play some fun games to help them get used to wearing it. You can play with their favourite toy or roll treats for them to pounce on. Keep it fun and short to start with.

When your puppy is used to wearing their harness and will happily play or walk around without  scratching at it or trying to bite the material, you can start to introduce them to the sensation of the lead being clipped on. 

Feed your puppy from one hand while you clip the lead on with the other. Let your puppy trail the lead behind them so that they can get used to the weight and sensation of it. Have fun playing or doing training games with your puppy whilst the lead is attached. When you’re finished remove the harness and sprinkle some treats on the floor for them.

Remember - be patient, take things at your puppy’s pace and always make sure they are having fun.

Happy training!

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